I have already drilled some holes in the supports for the wiring. The height is chosen so that I can sit under the table with a straight back, especially for the installation work. The supports are 60 cm deep and will support a 74 cm wide and 1.2 cm thick plywood board. The length of this part is 680 cm. The supports are attached to the wall with wedge bolts

Before I decide whether to compose the background with photos or paint it myself, a good base must first be created. Because the space from the short arm under the windowsill to the top of the work surface is 30 cm, I have decided to make the entire background 30 cm high. It goes around approximately 13 meters. I will also round all the corners so that no annoying 90-degree angles appear. One continuous background is of course much more beautiful. The background will be made of 3.6 mm thick plywood. Two strips of 30 cm can be obtained nicely from sheets of 61 x 122 cm. Before I attach them, I will first bend some panels.

The background has been covered with smooth non-woven wallpaper. One roll of this is 10 meters long. You can then seamlessly cover 10 meters, provided the height is no more than 52 cm. After that, the wallpaper was painted blue with latex paint. The base for the tracks is already partially ready in this photo.