Building the light signal

There are light signals with 2 or multiple LEDs, depending on the desired signal aspect. The building process is essentially the same. However, it becomes increasingly more difficult with multiple LEDs. If you have never done this before, I would recommend starting with the simplest one.

Once the enamel is removed, first tin the end of the wire. Do not yet cut off the legs of the LEDs. This extra length ensures that the heat can be quickly dissipated. Also, apply some solder to the LED leg by briefly heating it with a fine soldering tip and adding solder. Now bend the wire so that it hooks behind one of the legs. This makes it easier to hold the wire in place. Use a so-called "third hand" with a magnifying glass for this.

Building a semaphore signal

The difficult part here also lies in soldering the LEDs and is exactly the same as with the light signals. For the rest, if you enjoy tinkering, with the clear manual provided, there should be no problem. Unlike a switch, driving it with a servo is still a problem. Because it is a delicate mechanism and a servo can force the signal when it moves too much, something special must be fabricated to ensure that the signal is not damaged under any circumstances. This is still "under construction" and will be added later.

Video: Armsein