First, lay out and measure the rails to cut the necessary base plate. The plan included a double passing track, but there is enough room to lay another track next to it. At the same time, the right hidden storage area can accommodate four trains: one extra-long and three normal length. After cutting the base plate, the rails (also on the blue underfloor strips for sound) were attached with screws. This will remain as such since it is out of sight, and screw-fastened rails are easy to adjust. The circuit boards, turn-out control, and wiring were simply placed on the top surface for easy maintenance in the future.

Shadow station left side

First, lay out the desired track again to determine the required size of the base plate. For the left hidden storage area, a cabinet was built with ample storage space provided at both the front and back. Since the wiring and electronics are also placed on top of the base, there are no connection problems. Before painting everything, a separate panel will be added on top so that I can easily access the tracks. To finish, two doors will be added to the front.